Monday, November 8, 2010


This may be the most important message we have ever sent. 

We have reached a critical juncture in our effort to pass meaningful autism insurance reform this legislative session.  With the elections behind us, we now have an extremely limited window of opportunity to make sure that autism insurance reform legislation is placed on the agenda.  There may be five or less session days left for this insurance to get passed! The Senate will be deciding this Tuesday which issues will be taken up during the remainder of this legislative session. Legislators have only a handful of session days remaining and will take up a limited amount of business.

With successful passage in the Michigan House of Representatives last year, it is important to note that if passage does not occur in the Senate before the end of this session, we will have to start from scratch in 2011.  It took us years to get to this point!

The families of Michigan dealing with the challenges of autism spectrum disorder simply cannot afford to wait. Now more than ever, the voices of friends and family from all across the state must speak up. 

Here is How YOU Can Help:  
Contact your Michigan senator today and ask them to pass meaningful autism insurance reform this session. 

1.  First and foremost, pick up the phone and call your Michigan State Senator. Be polite, but persistent.  Don't be concerned if your senator is not in their office.  Talk with their staff and let them know how critical it is that this legislation pass this year. You can find out who your Michigan State Senator is and their phone number HERE. If you want to have even MORE of an impact, please take a moment and call ALL of the Republican Senators. You can find a list of their names and links to their contact info HERE

2.  Follow up your phone call with a quick, personalized e-mail.  Here is a link to a FACT PAGE about the legislation. Please use these facts to support your own personal story. 

3. Please forward this e-mail to everyone you know who lives in Michigan, asking them to take action as well.  They do not have to be personally affected by autism.  There is strength in numbers.  The stronger our voice, the more likely our success becomes.
Things could change by the minute and we will be sending out regular communications as we learn more over the coming days.  Please stand ready to take action. You can also stay up to date by visiting the AIM webpage or the AIM Facebook page on a regular basis.

For the sake of Michigan families and the fiscal well-being of the state, it is time for health insurance to cover autism treatment in Michigan.  It’s the right thing to do and now is the right time to do it. Let's make it happen this year!
Thank you for your commitment and advocacy,


AIM is comprised of over 3000 residents of Michigan who have pledged their support in passing the autism insurance legislation in Michigan. The sole aim of AIM is to pass autism insurance legislation in Michigan with the help of those 3000+ members.

AIM Position Statement

It is our position that
1) legislation should be passed in the state of Michigan that will require insurance companies to cover diagnosis, treatment, and services for all people wiht Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).
2) all people with ASD should be covered, regardless of age.
3) Autism Spectrum Disorder is defined as any of the pervasive developmental disorders as defined by the most recent edition of the DSM.
4) this coverage should include treatments as prescribed or ordered by the insured's treating physician or psychologist and that no insurer may deny coverage for an individual based solely on the fact that the individual is diagnosed with an ASD.
5) covered treatments shall not be subject to visit limits.
6) there should be a provision for an expedited arbitration process if an insurance company denies coverage or changes coverage status.
7) coverage should not be construed as limiting access to benefits or other services that are otherwise available to an individual.

List of Supporting Organizations as of 4/23/10

ACT Network

Ann Arbor Families for Autistic Children's Education and Support

Autism Advisory Group
Autism Alliance of Michigan
Autism ASK

Autism Insurance in Michigan (AIM)

Autism Resource Network

Autism Society of America

Autism Society of America - Oakland County Chapter

Autism Society of Washtenaw County

Autism Society of WestShore

Autism SpeaksAutism Alliance of Michigan

Beaumont Hospitals

Behavior Analysts Association of Michigan

Detroit Medical Center
DTE Energy Company

Early InterventionCenter

Easter Seals

Elder Disability Rights Association Section of the State Bar of Michigan

Family Chiropractic Clinic

First Capital Directories

Forestview Lanes

Fravel Financial Services

GFWC Madison Heights Intermediate Womens Club

Glenn Buege Chevrolet

Henry Ford Health System

HOPE Network
Image One Corporation

Kaufman Children's Center for Speech, Language, Sensory-Motor & Social Connections, Inc.

Michael James Associates

Michigan Association of Elementary and Middle School Principals

Michigan Association of IntermediateSchool Administrators

Michigan Association of School Administrators

Michigan Association of School Boards

Michigan Association of School Psychologists

Michigan Association of School Social Workers

Michigan Council for Maternal and Child Health

Michigan Nurses Association

Michigan Pharmacists Association

Michigan PTA

Michigan Secondary School Principals Association

Michigan Speech Language Hearing Association

Middle Cities Education Association

Monroe IntermediateSchool District

National Alliance on Mental Illness - Michigan Chapter (member of Partners for Parity)

National Council of Jewish Women, Greater Detroit Section
Rehmann CPAs Troy, MI

The Abilities Center

The Ann Arbor Center for Developmental & Behavioral Pediatrics
The Children's Center of Wayne County

Traverse Bay Area Intermediate School District
Wayne County

If your organization is not on this list and you would like to show your support, please email your organization name and your contact information for verification to Thank you!

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